Northern Mockingbird in Georgia

Northern Mockingbird

Several months ago, while it was still fall, long before my newfound interest in bird identification had been ignited, I took this photo. It’s lovelier knowing a bit about who the little fella is.

Northern Mockingbird in Georgia

A medium-sized songbird, a bit more slender than a thrush and with a longer tail. Mockingbirds have small heads, a long, thin bill with a hint of a downward curve, and long legs. Their wings are short, rounded, and broad, making the tail seem particularly long in flight.

I’m moving away from heavy vintage filters. It was cute for a while.. but truthfully, I want to capture rich, AUTHENTIC, tones. It might take a bit since my eye’s become trained to accept this type of filtering but my images.. I want them to be timeless. So, as I increase my framing, composition and positioning skills, I will be working on my color as well.

At times I may post photos that are ‘art prints’ which may have heavy effects applied but those will be specifically set aside as art photography. :) Happy shooting!

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