All Hallows Eve

I had a super eventful Halloween. Not only did I finally get an iPhone 5s (yeeeesss!) I found a fluffy little stowaway in my engine! I was leaving home to head into work when I heard a loud howling coming from the front of my car. I drove back into my neighborhood slowly, parked and opened the hood of my car with an awful lot of apprehension. I was thinking small raccoon or possum or rat or something making that howling noise. I was also fully expecting some half mangled animal caught in the belt. Thankfully, it was a fluffy brown and black kitten, badly shaken up but not damaged. I was able to grab it without it hissing at me and trying to destroy me so I brought her inside!  I named her Tabitha and Jeremy and I took care of her until she felt safe enough to run around and play today!

She is so adorable that I had a taker at work within 5 minutes of sending the adoption e-mail!  Tabitha’s new name will be Deborah (named after Dexter’s sister from the show Dexter) and her new brother is a puppy!! :)


Goodbye Tabitha! You scared the bejebus out of me but I’m glad we met! :)


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