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Game Night

I hosted game night again at my home this weekend and my game making friend Kevin brought flash point again. This game is awesome. I took the liberty of taking some more professional shots of the game board and pieces since it’s not only a fun game, it’s a well designed and beautiful game. You can help fund it’s debut on Kickstarter.








He also brought another game which was like Apples to Apples but way less of a doldrum. I’ll have to ask him its name because I definitely want to buy a copy once it’s out. We also got through a couple rounds of  boys vs girls Jenga with the girls, myself, Eve and Jasmine coming out victorious both times.

Boys don’t know how to be delicate when everything’s about to fall. Right ladies?


Now, I’m gonna clean and work on my professional portfolio. I wish I could just photograph fun times my whole life!

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