Floating candles in glass jars are such a classic wedding decor piece. The fun part about them for me is how fun they make bokeh in pictures. This wine glass has a lot more magic to it with a little candlelit bokeh!

I have a wedding coming up in July that I’m excited about.
I’ve been doing my best to put all my business income into my 5D Mk II fund. It includes a few lenses I want to replace my current ones with, a nice carrying pack and a lighting setup. I want to buy everything at once so I need a few thousand more, but I like saving towards big goals. Who knows, maybe by then Canon will have released the Mk II’s successor! Rumors have been floating around for a while now.

And then some days I wonder at which point do I stop being a hobbyist photographer for money and become something I can call Pro?   I feel like having some pro-level equipment that matches my skill levels might be a part of it.  Or do I have to quit my real job as a software engineer to be considered a real professional photographer? Honestly I love the duality between the clean logic of programming and the fluid artistry of photography that go on in my brain.  Sometimes code is beautiful. And sometimes photography is very technical.  They’re just awesome together in my head!


Maybe I shouldn’t label myself. I’m just Sunira. With a camera. And a computer . Feel free to give me money for my services? :)

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