I found this tidbit on dav.d’s about page:

No one asked Leonardo Da Vinci what brush he used on the Mona Lisa — we shouldn’t be occupied on the camera in the hand of a photographer.

Oh truth, why must you destroy my reasons to get new toys?!
Okay maybe I don’t need a pretty awesome set of gear to be able to produce pro images. It always kinda irks me anyway when people insinuate that my images are because of my gear and not mostly because I have a decent amount of talent.  Photography suffers from this more than any craft. Nobody has ever asked me what computer I use after I show them a programming project or what canvas and paint brand I used after I put up a painting.  Why should I propagate the idea that gear = talent in this case? So unless my images are sub-par, and so far they’re not at all, I’ll save my switch to the 5DMkII until I feel like I want to work with full frame.  Which is also now.  muah ha ha ha.

Also waiting for a MkIII or whatever the successor is will probably be a good choice, reason being that Canon will likely fix the flawed video in that system and will offer new ways to use the camera. I was just lamenting the other day over my lack of composition control when shooting very low to the ground. The screen on the 60D fixes this to some extent but maybe the Mk III will have a more elegant solution. I’d be afraid of breaking the screen on a 60D.

I have like 5000 photos to process. Man I am SO lazy when it comes to processing my own photos and not ones from paid projects.  After a whole day at work and bootcamp, I have just enough excitement left in me to process a couple hundred photos and then it’s Sunira pass out time.

I’m taking a road trip this June across the US all the way to Los Angeles. I’m hoping to get a lot of processing done during the 6-8 hour stretches of driving. :)

Also this is going to sound like such a girl thing but after eight weeks of boot camp and a couple weeks of weight watchers, my mom has been telling me I haven’t really lost any size. She sees me pretty much every weekend though. Yesterday, my friend Caryl who I’d not seen for almost 3 months complemented me on slimming down.

I keep telling myself I don’t care how I look since now I can actually run and do a lot of situps and a lot of push ups and actually like superman, left, right, bananas! But I’ll be honest, when someone tells me I look noticeably slimmer I feel great. Funny thing is, is that I haven’t really lost any weight. I’ve lost plenty of inches though. Maybe I’m getting somewhere!

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  • Reply Meghan May 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Well, I’m with you. I would like to get a full-frame sometime, but I love the camera I have.

    Also, don’t worry about your mom- people who see you all the time aren’t going to see the changes as easily because they happen gradually. If you see inches coming off and no weight change, it just means you are losing fat and gaining muscle. That happened to me with p90x. Good for you!

    • Reply Sunira May 5, 2011 at 1:59 pm

      Thanks! I plan on sticking to Boot Camp for the rest of the year. Maybe I can look a little less like a giant troll next to my 5’1 size 0 cousins in India. :P

  • Reply Henry May 8, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Hehe maybe if they put more buttons on paint brushes, people will start comparing those too. ;) I make joke.

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