True Colors

The last couple of weeks had me thinking this autumn was destined to be less than spectacular when it came to the colors in the trees. Everything appeared to be succumbing to a drab metamorphosis of dull greens and browns instead of changing flamboyantly as I had hoped.

I had resigned myself to the fact that fall would be visually skipped by nature and that we’d be ushered unwillingly into an early winter. The only color I had seen was in a parking lot at work, where all the trees were a dazzling red.I woke up early on Saturday to do a couples shoot in the park, already tinkering with the photos I was about to take inside my head, formulating all sorts of methods to bring a fall color set into what I thought would be dull photos.

It was cold as a dead dog in Russia that morning but the colors at the park were ON FIRE.
Completely unexpected!

This is a SOOC (straight outta camera) image. I have not touched a thing on it save for a resize.

I took like 600 pictures today of all the fall wonder that suddenly cropped up.  I can’t wait to share them all!


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