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The Internets is a big smorgasbord of stuff. And it can be quite educational.  I’m going to try to share with you every Friday the wonderful knowledge the internets has bestowed upon me that week.  Here’s this week’s lessons.

Always start mondays reading stuff like 10 Simple Truths Smart People Forget and a good way to start off every monday for the next year.

Atlanta didn’t see insane snow. This snow phenomenon is even crazier.

Sometimes you do your job.  Sometimes you need a new profile pic.  Here’s an epic intersection of priorities.

The abortion issue is old, old, old but a little girl pointed out something I hadn’t thought of as part of  her school assignment.

Technology is awesome. But without batteries it makes the future stupid.

Sometimes you just don’t wait on the medical industry to provide a solution for you and get your hands dirty instead.

This guy wasn’t ready for what was going to come back and bite him in the rear. Literally.

The SOTU was this week. Apart from chuckling at the theme of Winning The Future (WTF) you can compare word choice from different presidents during their State of the Unions in convenient tag cloud format!

Pretty sure most of you don’t care but this trending spring palette thrills me.

You can’t always believe what your daddy tells you about candy.

It’s not the best idea to try and reanimate your dead roomate with gasoline and electricity….

Dad knows best about Columbia

Try not to be a terrorist on major holidays.

Weddings are Dumb

Don’t you feel smarter? So, fellow internet surfers, what did the internet teach you this week?

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      The interwebs really is HECK YEHZ

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