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Friday Finds

It’s that time! Friday finds is my little tour of last week’s internet meme’s, trends, and events I came across that I thought you, my reader, would find interesting or amusing.
Here’s this week’s internet lessons for the masses.

  1. Protesting your internet outage is a lot more awesome when you decide to get all geektastic with it.
  2. When your son wants to be Darth Vader, you should indulge him.
  3. The children of today are totally going to miss out on one of our generations’ greatest parent enraging activities.
  4. This guy knows exactly how to classify time.
  5. Parenting involves some lying.
  6. A good example of why metered internet is stupid.
  7. You gotta be a pokemon fan to appreciate this one.
  8. Sometimes you try and break world records, sometimes your spleen does.
  9. Never
    question a drunk
  10. Oh snap, Lindsay Lohan just got own’d.
  11. Someone’s got a bad case of sour grapes.
  12. We are going to start seeing more fat koreans.
  13. Where the ladies at?
  14. Need a cute AND healthy way to give out valentines?
  15. Why am I not suprised that this guy is an indian?

What manner of awesome did you find this week on the internetz?

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