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Sorry about the complete lack of content again this week. I’ve been so busy and I really needed a mental day off last night!  However,  I have a few things in the works for you lovely readers including more actions, a new tutorial on simulated lighting, and more of my latest photography work.

But, lets move on to Friday Finds! This week I’ve curated some really fun stuff for you!   :)

Hey dad, can I have some money for coke?

I generally don’t support assault as an option for conflict resolution, but in this case, lady, I understand.

You don’t always have to pay a lot of money to have a unique, eyecatching ride.

Idaho. Not afraid of gorillas.

It’s okay. Really. Put down the controller and go outside. Or risk being this guy.

Check out this new edition of Rock Band!

Remember Hipster Ariel from the last FF post? Now there’s Judgemental Bookseller Ostrich!

What a real snowpocalypse looks like!

Genius anti-smoking ad.

PBS is in trouble and this is why we should save it.

OMG absolute truth about cats.


So, got anything interesting from the internet to share with me today?

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