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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for another Friday Finds!  Enjoy this random collection of internet goodness for your entertainment, handpicked by me!

So… do you see one Wolverine or two Batmen?

The segway is getting some competition!

Lessons you should learn from fairy tales vs. lessons you could learn from fairy tales.

I love creative graffiti on official signage.

If you’re married to a software engineer, you may have this problem one day.

You shouldn’t cheat. But if you do, do it right.

There’s a lot of awesome words in this article, but the premise is that there might be a kind of friction in a vacuum!

This guy’s ship pretty much defines awesome.

How do you compare to the average faces of women from different regions?

Could I get an oompa loompa please?

When in doubt, kill all witnesses. All of them.

Ever wondered whose portrait House has on his desk?

Also, I think I have found my favorite meme this week. It’s called Hipster Ariel, and it started with this:

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