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It has been a long time since the last Friday Finds! I have some interesting things for you. First, to keep with tradition, I present our sponsoring meme: Pickup Line Scientist.

If you’ve ever watched Big Bang Theory, a fav show of mine ever since it came out, this is spot on for Howard Wolowitz.  It made me laugh and laugh.


Now for the rest of Friday Finds!

You think you’ve had a hard test to pass? What about passing the bar exam while in labor?!

They’re putting dual cores in everything these days!

Got a girl in the family that loves her some Mario? I’ve got the perfect accessory…

Trek fans are going to have  a reason to visit the Middle East in the future.

Designer’s take on what the new iPhone could resemble, given the new cases coming out of China.

Perfect t-shirt for a Sushi fan!

You don’t know how big Shaq really is until you see this.

The Holstee Manifesto:

Ostrich pillow lets you sleep at your desk!

This dude made a real batmobile. Jealous!

Check out what grains of sand look like up close.

A 31 year old Swede was arrested for trying to build a nuclear reactor in his apartment. Man, them crazy (awesome) Swedes! :]

I thought red pandas were the cutest things but I think Arctic Fox babies just ousted them.

Some people love their cereal soggy but if that’s not you, check out this awesome idea:


That’s it for this Friday Finds. :) Find anything awesome on the internet? Share in the comments!

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