Airport Sunset

In two weeks I’ll find myself at the airport boarding a flight to India. I have some mixed feelings about it. One, I am super excited about the trip. It’s been exactly one decade since my last visit. Things are going to be very different from how I remember them at 16. Two, I am a bit nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I am in fact wearing my big girl undies but this is the first time I’ll be flying overseas alone, and I have heard enough stories about crooks at the airport to make my 24 hour layover in London a little nerve wracking.


But that’s all silly. One, I’m no green idiot, and two, travelling has been a passion of mine forever now. I sort of can’t wait to do this alone so I can get over that fact and have a good time’ Kind of like my first drive on 400 when I was so much younger. Anyway, I’ve been taking flights all year here and there but just within the USA.

I don’t do well in planes for very long periods of time’ and in fact I nearly died feeling crappy on my flight back from LA to Atlanta and that was only five hours! This is two 10 hour flights. I will be taking drugs. If I get mugged I’ll give them my 4 bottles of Nyquil and 3 packages of Benadryl nighttime. It’s a good high man, I promise. :P


Oh well, soon J will be accompanying me on my flights of fancy! Except they’ll be real! :)
Life’s looking like one big adventure already.

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