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I’ve been into photography as a hobby for almost eight years now. This means I have plenty of embarrassingly bad photos I considered good several years ago. I discovered, though, that I have some good photos that are still good today, in my opinion. When I was younger I loved photographing plants. My second camera was a 4.1 MP HP R607 Point n’ Shoot.  Believe if or not, the first thing I tried to get into photography with was an old 1.2 MP Sony that took floppy disks!!! Lets not talk about that one. I shot more pictures with the next camera, my HP than HP probably ever intended for a simple family P&S.

Check out this sexy beast (….not).

Thinking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I think getting an SLR prematurely would have hurt my photographic creativity. In fact, because I was limited equipment-wise I was forced to get creative with the little camera. I had to express myself with picture composition, and angle, and start to really become awesome at using natural lighting.

Here are some shots I took with my little point and shoot I’m actually kind of proud of!


I normally hate spiders but I made an excuse with this one since they can’t bite. I remember looking at the 1.8 inch lcd screen on the back and getting excited about actually managing circular bokeh!! I had the crop the heck out of this photo, since “macro” wasn’t really an option on the P&S.


This was taken in New Mexico along a dirt road during sunset. I had finally discovered what the photographic “golden hours” were and man it is definitely a beautiful time outdoors to take some photos wherever you are.


This photo is not so much a representation of my skill but a representation of my dorkiness. Apparently combinatorics notes, an Eclipse Breath Strip and some glass balls from the Atmospheric Sciences Labs back at GT.

I wonder what I will think of my photography now in another five years?

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  • Reply Meghan June 11, 2010 at 8:32 am

    One of my friends said, “wait a year and look back at what you’re taking now. Every year I look back at what I thought was good a year before, and it makes me laugh at myself.”

    But I am already painfully aware of my lack of knowledge and skill when I look at my pictures now. So I’m kind of worried about what I’ll think in a year. haha

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