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My Portable (i)Photo Studio

Now, I’m not a macaddict or anything but the iPhone is one device I’m enthusiastic about. The biggest reason why is that it provides a great platform for creative developers to help build a customizable mobile environment for photographers like me.  Creative freedom on the fly? I’m there!

Samples of photos I’ve taken and edited on the iPhone.

I use several apps and  am able to do this easily because of how usable these apps are.  They’re zippy, well organized, and make getting creative the most time consuming part of this process.

In no particular order (I think they areall awesome).

CameraBag – This little app is the lazy man’s old-timey photoshooter. I can instantly apply a vintage wash on any photo I take in seconds. $1.99

Photogene / Noiseblaster – Both apps are by the same developer and mimic a lot of the basic photo functions you’d find in an app like photoshop. It has filters, intuitive cropping, levels adjustments, sharpening, and clean resizing. Partnered with the Noiseblaster app, which does an amazing job of reducing the ugly noise you get from such a small sensor, and you have a wonderful mini-studio! $2.99

Photo Studio FX – This one is just a fun app with well over a hundred treatments for your photos. It’s well organized into categories and range from great sets of vintage looks to classic black and white options. It even has fun overlays that mimic flare and water. $1.99

I saved the best one for last. The Hipstamatic. This one is really fun to use because it mimics the toy cameras of yesteryear amazingly. With an array of “lenses”, “flashes” and “film” to choose from, it makes each photo you take a vintage-y surprise. $1.99 + $.99 for each “hipstapak”. Total package cost $5.

I have started thinking of some potential photography project ideas. Photojojo’s call to start a Project 365 comes to mind.

What sort of things that you normally do at home or at work have you adapted yourself and your stuff to do on the fly?
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