Launch: Project 365

After pondering a bit, I decided to join project 365 and start something to do everyday for 365 days.  In my last post I detailed how I’d discovered mobile photography and how fun it was to get creative on the go. Now I’ve decided I’m going to use it to do my project 365.   My basic rules are:

1. There will be (at minimum) 365 photos in the course of a year in this project. They may be erratically posted in batches but there will be one for each day of the year. They must also all be square.

2. I am to use nothing but my mobile phone to take and process these photos. If I use my computer, it’s only to upload the photos.

Here’s one of the examples from the project page:

I’ve actually been doing this for a bit now, to figure out whether it would be a viable project to which I will commit myself. I think it is!

So check it out! Anyone else doing a project365? What have you commited to doing for 365 days?

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