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New Orleans

It had been a long time since I was last in New Orleans. It was pre-Katrina, the week princess Diana was killed in a car wreck. I think I was 12. Revisiting the cities we visited from my childhood is a weird experience. I’m a very different person with a very different understanding of the world — and subsequently a very different eye that wanders. New Orleans was a lot of fun — visiting with my husband,my brother and our friend Zac — but it was also a little sad, disconcerting even.

I had a similar feeling in Memphis, TN. The feeling of a bygone era where modern, paper thin effigies are gripping tightly to the scent of a long departed original spirit. At the same time, there was some quiet newness sprouting here and there inbetween the buzz of drunk revelers and musicians with access to speakers they’re not great at operating. The chaos, bohemian look… and smell… it’s still there. Old world charm still exudes from the neighborhoods outside bourbon street and the beads still litter every crevice — and shine like everything in NoLa deserves rings like Saturn.

Here’s a few photos from our journey — fun, delicious, rough, with fresh hewn memories made from the original experiences of my childhood.

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