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I really should update this site a little more! But today’s news is very good – I finally made the move to mirrorless. I picked up a Canon R5 this week and the differences between it and my other camera ( the 5D Mk IV ) were apparent right away. I needed to know the improvements weren’t just marginal but would change the success rate of my shots – so after loads of reading, pixel-peeping sample photos, looking at months of results from real world wedding photographers and landscape/macro photogs, I made the plunge!

I walked around my house to just test its capabilities. I’ll show you some photos and outline my favorite things from this first day of use.

One of the challenges I faced with the 5DIV was the screen on the back didn’t articulate. This meant I had to either guess how the photo would come out on low to the ground subjects – something I honestly got decent at with years of experience – but would need to take many photos to achieve a perfect frame or reliable subject focus. Those days are gone!!! With the new articulating screen, I can finally, easily, take great low height photos. I practiced on my King Quail.

These two were lovely subjects – curious about my camera and willing to “pose” for me. :)

Notice the tack sharp focus on their eyes. This was made much easier by the camera, which does eye-based autofocus a snap. This was always a challenge, especially on erratic subjects like this – where even the AI Servo really depended on your ability to align the focus point with the eye. I am really pleased with the outcomes.

Because the focus is pretty fast, this reopens macro photography to me and I had a great time using the extender I purchased with the camera/lens. The RF lens with the IBIS and ridiculously fast focusing makes me feel like I have some future camera.

I’m just so pleased! At this first pass, I was able to snag some pretty great shots that would’ve taken more setup and more skill on my part to accomplish. Knowing I can work to expand my abilities even further with the support of this fantastic tool upgrade just lifts my spirit so much!

Stay tuned for more, of course.

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