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Boston Harbor

I wanted to post a lot more photos from Boston but I really didn’t take that many. I was busy having fun with Jeremy, my brother, and our friend Zac. I always start a trip with grand ideas of what kinds of photography I’m going to do but then when I go with other people I wind up enjoying myself and forget to capture all that imagery I dreamed about. I still loved these shots from Boston Harbor the day we decided to stop in.

I had fun shooting the sun aligning with a few different boats!
All the boats were really cute!

The light was just beautiful. I love getting the chance to photograph pretty scenes.

I love both photography focused and friendship focused trips – and now I split time between the two. Trips with just Jeremy and I – I can take my time and absorb the world I traveled to through my lens. I’ve been looking for a small mirrorless to take with me on friends trips. Part of the struggle to capture a group trip is the heavy equipment that I carry. It’s really a pain to whip out the stuff every time I want to take a photo – and Jeremy actually winds up carrying the bag for me most of the time because it’s heavy and slides around since it’s a quick access sling and having it on while trying to “get the shot” can be frustrating.

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