Fall has arrived in Georgia and the weather is simply spectacular. Jeremy and I both had this Friday off – giving us a rare opportunity to go check out some of the more popular fall time Georgia activities without the crowds. Advance warning: there’s gonna be a lot of pumpkin pics.

Our stop was the Pumpkin Farm. I’d never been to this one but when we were googling it seemed like the best one to try! They had a really wide variety of the large pumpkins. So many colors! We went home with two white ones, a pale green one, and one that was orange and green mix.

They also had a lot of cute small pumpkins – and we went to town grabbing all the ones that struck our fancy. Look at the color on these! I had visions of fall decorating spinning through my head.

We went home with way more than we had any business going home with. I also took a few photos I really loved – because I was able to play with the light in a pleasing way.

Light leaking from behind can be challenging to expose – balancing bright sunlight and the undertones, while avoiding as much grain as possible. I think I managed here.

Also here’s some photos of us. :)

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