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Jackrabbit Trail & Bell Mountain

The first weekend of October felt like the perfect time to start a habit of getting out and seeing some of Georgia’s pretty views. Bell Mountain was first to come to mind so we went up there with our friend Dasha and her sweet dog Leroy. But first we hiked Jackrabbit trail, which is a forested trail that’s just barely in North Carolina at the Georgia border, near Bell Mountain.

The entire time, you’re either covered by gorgeous treetops or skirting the light rippled, red clay shores of Chatuge lake.

I had a grand time eyeing the ground for all the different mushrooms I usually don’t see in Atlanta. I don’t know what they are – but I did manage not to eat any. I’ve seen way too many murder mysteries to risk it.

Much of the time was spent watching Leroy work on both his bravery and determination as he went for the largest ‘sticks’ in the lake – and we even got a couple of sticks of our own to use as decoration at our home.

After the hike, we drove up to Bell Mountain to take in the view – and what a view it is. It’s really nice to have such a beautiful landscape available to us within a 2 hour drive from my home. I sent up my drone as the sun was going down and got this great wide shot.

The sunset was really stunning – with intense peach and pink tones throughout. I got a simple timelapse of the scene:

And I got tons of great photos of the sunset too – and a nice top-down of the surrounding foliage.

I can’t wait to go on more hikes – and this year we are actually making time for them. Previous years we always filled the weekends with some social activity or another – putting the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at second or third in priority. With most social activity out the window, the great outdoors are really calling to us. Georgia usually has autumn until the end of November – so I’m expecting about 6 more weeks of color and good hiking weather. With my job allowing me every other friday off, I am going to absorb it all. Where should we go next? Unicoi gap? Cloudland Canyon? Maybe back down to Providence? So many options!

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