The Mistborn Trilogy

Easily my favorite fantasy trilogy, Mistborn was a series that took me a few false starts to really get into it. When I finally did it was like an old friend to come home to when I needed a thrill – but from the comfort of my couch.

You can find summaries online if you really want – but the best part of this book was that I didn’t read any summaries and each secret and twist unfolded perfectly.  

It’s well written, not too flighty, consistent in its in-universe logic and somehow beautifully arc’d between all three books. Even the politics in this book were well crafted.  This is one of the very very few series I expect to read again – and one of the very few books I want to buy a beautiful hardcover version of if it’s ever released.

The author provides the first few chapters of the first book here, so you can get a taste, 

I hope to pick up The Stormlight Archives next!
Happy Reading!

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