My Own Garden

I remember growing up and helping my parents in the garden. I specifically remember the thoughts centering around how I am never going to garden as an adult becasue why would anyone want to dig holes outside all day? Except now I’m 32 and suddenly want a beautiful garden around my home ( which I also thought I’d never want ). I garden with my husband ( but I was never going to get married. Why have that hassle?).

If nothing else – the lesson is that you can’t predict how you’ll feel about everything forever. Or at least, I sure can’t. I love being married, I love living in this home, I love my career, and I love my husband.

Anyway – I also love some of the edible things growing in my garden. Here’s what’s growing right now.

These tomatoes are going to be purple, eventually!


My apples are getting some color to them. UnbrokenHorse-6482

We’ve picked a couple of the green apples and they’ve still got a juicy crunch that’s enjoyable.


One of my girlfriends came over with her daughter and son and they picked a few apples. They made a pie and it looked great. UnbrokenHorse-6477

These are red bell peppers.UnbrokenHorse-6474

And my Basil went crazil. We have more basil than we know what to do with.UnbrokenHorse-6469

Do you know what my favorite part of my garden is? The part that gets to go home with my good friends and close family. Need some Basil or a few apples for a tart? Hit me up!

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