Our wonderful friends Pam and Dan booked a cabin last weekend and invited us to join them to celebrate their Bubz. He’s a sweet old dog with the most pinchable little fat roll right above his tail.

He went swimming. He was the cutest. He got so worried and whined when we would stumble while wading through the river – but he enjoyed himself too.


Having Jeremy around for any sort of outdoorsy adventure is always a bonus. He is great at lighting fires and navigating his way through wilderness. I really love that about the guy. Here he is collecting tinder from cattails along the shore.



I forgot to get the tripod head so Jeremy helped me get a really great landscape shot by using a small outdoor sidetable in the middle of the river. I’m pretty happy with the results.


That’s my other favorite thing about Jeremy : he doesn’t let obstacles or unexpected situations keep him from accomplishing what he set out to do.  He’s a problem solver like me – and it’s SO great to have someone with an internal locus of control as a partner for someone like me who keeps a very similar life perspective. Generally speaking, the many challenges we have faced over time weren’t impenetrable  mountains – they were problems with solutions and 99% of the time we could work together to overcome them – tiny or huge.

I also got in some drone time at the river and above the tree canopy.


And here is my favorite drone footage from the trip.

Pretty soon after this I was reversing my drone back down the river when I ran it into a small tree and it crashed on the bank. PANIC! I was able to walk towards it in the river, but Jeremy helped me come get it out of the underbrush I was too chicken to step through because snakes/spiders/imagination.

:) I need to be more brave.

Also no complaints about how each day ended. :)

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