Drive to Asheville

Jeremy have done a lot of local traveling this summer. It’s been pretty great and we’re meeting some fun new people. We headed to Asheville the Wednesday before July 4th weekend. It looked like it was going to rain the entire time but sometimes nature provides beautiful images and  a bit of bad weather is a photographer’s blessing in disguise.

The roads were steamy, and the resulting haze made for some beautiful views.

Rain-X is awesome!
The rain flows up our windshield as we drive through the rain.

A big hill, and a great view.
A big hill, and a great view.

After a while the mists started flowing down the mountain sides. They’re not called the Smokies for nothing!
Creepy but still beautiful.

We are close to the neighborhood where we are staying. :)
We're getting closer! More neighborhood-like trees!

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