The Wanted

I’m in love with a boy band. I feel like this is not okay because I am not sixteen anymore.  Of course, I never loved boy bands when I was sixteen so maybe I’m just a late bloomer when it comes to these things. Like twilight moms? Oh god, lets not go there.

Ever since they topped a chart on Spotify and I had the fortune to click on their song, I’ve really dug this blended  British and Irish band. Their most famous song, “Glad you came” is topping charts in the United States but their other songs are pretty fantastic too. Also note my surprise when I found one of the members is Siva Kaneswaran, a biracial blend of Irish and Sri Lankan Tamil.  I expect all my future half white half desi children to achieve this level of success.

I may also give them crazy indian names to make sure they stand out like Siva and like that guy on the Photoshop start screen.  Seetharaman Narayanan is a name I have etched into my brain ever since Photoshop 7.

I will name my future child Amritasudan Sanjushree Kshanaprabha Stone.   It means Beautiful Lightning Destroyer of Enemies.  NOBODY WILL FORGET HER.

Okay.. I was talking about music.

You know how there are some songs you like instantly and some songs that grow on you after a few plays? It seems that songs I like immediately all have a Alex Gaudino remix. I knew Alex and I had something in common apart from my love affair with his reverb treatments.

Check out The Wanted’s two best singles:

I’m Glad You Came – SpotifyYoutube

All Time Low – SpotifyYoutube




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