Samina & Moe

I had the pleasure of shooting Samina & Moe’s engagement shots this past Saturday.  I was really looking forward to it since I’d been absorbing all the wedding and engagement posts on every wedding photography website trying to plan my own wedding. I had filled my head with several new ways to shoot and even rented a lens for the explicit purpose of practicing even if I didn’t yet own the equipment!

Aren’t they a lovely couple?

I still have about 75% of the photos to go through but here are a few that I managed to dabble with this weekend.

Doesn’t Samina just look stunning in her sari?

Shooting in bright sunlight is one of my weaknesses but I was intent on turning it into a strength. I think I might have actually succeeded.  I was pretty thrilled that at the right angles, the sun beautifully illuminates the subjects and produces a subtle haze over the image that I love.

Samina and Moe wanted to incorporate one of the photos from when they first started dating into a couple of shots.  It doesn’t appear that Samina’s smile has diminished event a bit from their early dating days.  Here’s the proof!

We mosey’d on to old Duluth, the fountains, and the railroad tracks as well as shooting in a cafe. I had so much fun with these two and can’t wait to go home and process more photos.

Working with the crazy lighting around the fountain was tough but I found that it makes for stunning black and whites if the subjects are lit in the right ways.

Also do they not look super romantic?! *swoon*

These two were naturals. They took direction so easily I swear I thought they were pros!


This is one of my favorite art photos from the shoot.  A warm black and white seemed just perfect.

And didn’t Moe do just a fantastic job with the engagement ring?

I was a bit paranoid about shooting the ring on a railroad track but I just looked at it and didn’t want to do it anywhere else.  Everything was perfect.

I still have a couple more settings to work through but I will have more to share this week. I am so bad about posting on my professional site (or here, for that matter) but I plan on working on a blog section so people can see my work as I do it.

I dunno. Recognition is always nice but since I don’t do photography for the pay as much as because I am so in love with it, I am terrible at promoting myself. Jeremy gets on my case for that a lot. I appreciate him pushing me to charge appropriately and to keep my web and social presence fresh.

Why not? If it gets me more gigs where I can help capture people at one of the happiest parts of their lives as well as bust out every fresh technique I learn It’s win-win for me and the client, right?

Here’s to photography, you sexy mindsuck, you.


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  • Reply @amibuns May 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    ooooo Sunira!!!! Great job on the Samoha shoot!!!!! SaminaAhmed1 you look so elegant!!

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