Lets get some Shoes.

I got these new runners last weekend and I love them. They’re trail runners so they’ve got a little extra cushion and a lot of grip when I’m running uphill. They also look like shoes Venom would buy.  Speaking of Spiderman, it seems the new spiderman is half-black and half-latino.

Good. I am so ready for some more manly spidermans in the future movies.  Sorry peeps. I am sooo over sob story Peter Parker.
And if they make the next Spiderman a Mario Lopez crybaby, I am so out of that series.

Okay, I’ll quit hatin’ on Spiderman.

Back to my shoes.

I’m going to outrun some zombies with these babies on.

If you want to see some crazy running shoes, you’ve got to check out the pair Jeremy picked up for our upcoming races. Now those are pretty wild. The zombies won’t be paying any attention to me with those pounding the ground in close proximity.

I’m excited.

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