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Back on Track

I had been so busy last week I barely even knew where the days went! Saturday I was officially betrothed to Jeremy! This is a south Indian ceremony where we do a lot of stuff that looks like it belongs in a wedding but actually doesn’t.

My mom looked happy, which is pretty much all I wanted out of the entire thing. :) Also Jeremy looks pretty hot in a suit. My friends all came and family too, from everywhere. I really appreciate my family. They always go the extra mile.  I know how lucky I am.

I ate like a piggo though. I got awful looks from Dez yesterday when I showed up to boot camp. :] I wasn’t reporting my weight the entire weekend! That’s all over now, though. I was back in full force yesterday with my diet and my 2 hours of exercise. I am going to dominate the next few months! :)

Here I act like a creeper following these 3 guys until they arein the perfect light at the park.  Phone creeper Sunira 4 LYFE suckas.

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