Red Crested

I picked up a Canon 55 – 250mm lens for cheap last week. I was browsing Amazon and then I couldn’t help myself and clicked the one-click buy button. Oh man that button is dangerous.

Anyway, for under $200 it’s a pretty decent lens. It’s nothing in comparison to the 70-200mm f2.8L but until the wedding is donezo I can’t be running around blowing three grand on stuff that makes me happy. This little lens is going to mollify me until I can get my hands on the real deal.

I caught this guy after stalking him across some grass for a few minutes at the local park.


Not bad. I have to use manual focus for the most part if I want to focus quickly as is the case with most small birds. It’s fun being in manual.. and also aggravating knowing that better glass would have focused in a millisecond on the right thing.

:) Good things come to those who wait, and the best things come to those who do.  I’m gonna be doing a lot of saving for the big lenses after September!

I love my little bitty weekend business. <3

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