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Man it’s time for another Friday Finds! Are you ready for a week of epic items from the interwebz? In light of major outages like the crash and burn of both Amazon Cloud services and PSN, I am here to save the day (and bring a little cheer) ! No Friday Finds outage!  Enjoy my latest curated list from the internet menagerie!

An amazing dog photographer. Check out his photos!

Nomura Jellyfish. They can get pretty dang huge.

You’ve heard of Angry Birds. Now check out Angry Nerds!

Age old discussion: Are you a Mac or a PC? Check out this sweet infographic and see where you fall.

Wedding rings. Promise rings.  Emoticon rings?

Smart kid.

Lovely Earth Day  (today!) watercolor painting.

Awesome 76 year old Photoshop guru fixes old photos for free.

Some crazy shoes. I know some women out there would love a pair of  one of these.

Foreign dads. Total win.

Mythbusters embroidered portraits.  ’nuff said.

Of all the crazy things I do,  sitting may be the most dangerous.

I think I’ve found myself in this endless loop before.

Old school LAN party!

Considering I don’t give a shiz about shoes normally, these really intrigued me.

Babies drinking liquor.

And today’s Quick Meme? Engineering Professor. I can’t tell you how many of these are soooooooooooo true!


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  • Reply Meghan April 22, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    haha Tom and I looked at the meme together. =)

    The first link on shoes…there were some there that I was DYING to get. And others that I wouldn’t touch. haha

    • Reply Sunira April 24, 2011 at 5:26 pm

      :) Shoes. :)
      And yes, I’m sure Tom and I could come up with a few more ‘Engineering Professor’ memes.
      He’d probably understand this: “Has PhD in Computer Science. Can’t keep pants up.”


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