T & J

They’re getting married this weekend!

I don’t post a lot of people shots. But this is a special weekend. I’l be posting highlights from their shoot after their wedding, and highlights from their wedding sometime next week or the week after.

Also I just discovered Bond, a female classical rock band. They’re playing a lot of songs I remember playing on my violin. I put ten years into that instrument and then just quit after high school. Last year I bought a solid black violin and have yet to take it in to get the bridge sanded properly… I never had a love for the instrument because my parents wouldn’t let me quit it (or spanish either.) to pursue my love of the visual arts. So I kinda hated it for a while… but now… maybe I want to pick it up again. I can still read music.. and last year a portrait customer of mine had a piano and a violin in his house and at the mention of my history he goaded me until I picked up the instrument and played a duet with him on his piano. I dunno. I kinda enjoyed it. My fingers remembered their places.. my eyes, the notes.

Maybe I can forgive my violin.

Anyway, good song.

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