Church is Surreal

A photo I took last year while attending services at North Point Community Church. After years of stodgy southern baptist services, this is a different experience, let me tell you. The funny part of this picture is that since I was using my point-n-shoot, I didn’t set the flash off so it fired first making everyone in front of me uncomfortable. Photo faux pas. D:


It also makes me miss my point and shoot like crazy. I loved it so much until I irreparably scratched the lens. Oh well it’s my fault. The camera is in, otherwise, perfect condition. Sad that a 50 cent piece of lens cover tosses the entire value of a 350 dollar camera. As my friend Ami would say, it’s a  sadface situation.

….The Sony TX9 however is out now. :) And my birthday is next month, to anyone out there who’s listening. haha.

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