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    DragonCon 2013

    Jeremy and I went to go check out DragonCon this year as observers. We didn’t buy tickets but we did show up on parade day to check out all the cosplay! There…

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    Spin it

    The best part of trance performances is the light performers that show up to do their thing on the dancefloors off the main floor. Pretty epic good time watching these guys. I…

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    PvD Concert

    A shot from the Paul Van Dyk Concert this past weekend during one of the smoke blows from the ceiling. Opera is an awesome club. Also, yes you can get creative with…

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    Church is Surreal

    A photo I took last year while attending services at North Point Community Church. After years of stodgy southern baptist services, this is a different experience, let me tell you. The funny part…

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    Happy Fourth

    Our family enjoyed a nice crowd-less, traffic-less fourth at home. Just the four of us and some fireworks made for a fun and relaxed night.  My mom wrote her name with sparklers.…

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    A few beers offered at the cocktails in the garden event at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Selective color can be so cliché but I felt like there was a lot of texture…