Destination Known

Jeremy and I have booked our trip to NYC! But we actually have two minitrips scheduled before we head to the big apple. Does anyone even call it the big apple anymore? I feel like I’m going to be given the look I give out of towners when they call my city ‘Hotlanta’.  We are going to go to Tennessee for two weekends! One for whitewater river rafting and another for some more bird watching with Sam and Val.  I know Jeremy intends to make a trip to Greyfriar’s each time. :)

I have been terrible at updating my blog because I have been so busy! Jeremy and I finally filed our taxes jointly married. It was a pain in the arse between our business, rentals, and the plethora of other crap we do that’s not standard. I think back fondly on the days of 1040Ez.  This year I want to start actively investing so 2015 taxes will be even more fun I’m sure.

I’ve also got weekend after weekend booked with photography gigs. I am enjoying watching my business flourish. It’s not taking over my life though, which is the best part. That is the best part of both my income earners, actually. I love having the option to always say no to clients and projects and things I don’t want to do while maintaining the growth to say yes so many times! I hope it’s that way forever.

It’s a happy Friday! I’m going to spend it playing the Wii U and seeing some friends. Maybe I’ll even take the new lens for another spin! <3


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