Little Shop Adventures

One of my favorite, charming aspects of the Savannah townscape is the abundance of little shops selling everything from large antiques to novelty knick knacks lining every street. The stores are mostly family owned and the personality of the shop owner is reflected in the walls of each establishment. I’ve always been used to going to Savannah with a large group of friends or my huge family but the town is an entirely different experience when you arrive with just one other person and no schedule. I prefer the peaceful meandering, actually!

Beautiful old typewriter. I just love the circular keys.
They have so many old things they can just use some as doorstops!

I’ve told Jeremy he may pick up pipe smoking when he is 70. :)

IMG_1045 I always love collections of old cameras. The Tri-Lens one in the middle really caught my eye.

IMG_1043 We ate a surprising amount of asian food in Savannah.

IMG_1042 Large jewelry was a recurring thing in Savannah. You go big in the south!

IMG_1038 I find myself gravitating towards Yarn and bead stores lately. I do love making earrings out of beads but I think I may learn to knit soon, for making blankets and amigurumi.

IMG_1037 Tiny little knitted sweaters! Each one wasn’t more than 4 inches in height!

IMG_1036 We picked up some pretty yarn for a friend of ours. I loved the entire rainbow of color in the store.

IMG_1035 Part of what makes Savannah charming is the little personal touches the shop owners put in their stores. There’s nothing chain about these places.

IMG_1032 If that alpaca had been for sale it would have come home with me for sure.

Colorful yards of yarn on display at the store. Colorful yards of yarn on display at the store.

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  • Reply Val March 26, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Call me if you want crochet lessons. I’m no knitter, but I can crochet amigurimi like a pro. Sam just made me buy a book of sock monkey patterns – knit and crochet, and you are welcome to share. :)

    • Reply Sunira March 27, 2013 at 2:43 pm

      Val, I want to make this, this, this and this.
      I am so in love with the little things! Maybe we can have some coffee and you can teach me sometime soon! I’m pretty slammed for April weekends but I would love to do a chill weekday evening if you guys feel like it. :)

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