Feel the Love

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New, young voices in music are bringing a vintage sound to the music scene with them. I know I’ve mentioned on this blog earlier that I have simply loved the move that pop music made into club and trance style beats but I think that’s starting to fade away. Its decade is coming to a close. This next generation of music inclined youth, and I can say that now because I’m almost thirty, includes the babies of the nineties and they aremaking the sounds of the oldies hip again. They’re okay with letting themselves fall more deeply into the styles of music that our parents grew up to.

Northern Soul is a style of music that developed in the underground houses of the 1960’s in the UK, following closely the faster sounds and beats of the genre of Black American soul music. By the 70’s it was mainstream. Think mod clothes, and British accents thrown in. Welcome to 2013. Northern Soul is back.

I’ve really begun to dig John Newman. He is the lead singer of a band called Rudimental, and their sound is just divine. His deep vocals, and their fast paced beat mixed in with trumpets, piano, and some big band sound just tickle all the right auditory spots. A girl like me just loves some Motown sound.

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Three songs you really need to give a listen.

John Newman – Love Me Again
Rudimental ft. John Newman – Feel the Love
Rudimental ft. John Newman – Not Giving In


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