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Bucket List #1

The thing about bucket lists is that they areeasy to lose and easy to forget.  And I think of new things to put on them all the time. I must make a new bucket list once a year and then promptly lose / forget it. You know what I generally don’t lose or forget forever? This blog. :) So why not start here with a bucket list category!

Here’s my latest entry.

Take an awesome selfie.

I know what you’re thinking. “Really? Of all the things to do in the world, this?”.
Yes, this. I’ve been seeing some awesome selfies lately and I have been tres jealous. One day I want my own epic selfie.

Like this pilot.


Or these people being arrested.



Or this girl being tackled off a field during a game. I mean look a her face. ‘LOL GUYS IM AT THE GAME’ Why can’t I be cool like these people?


Even this dog has his business straight.


Funnies aside, I really mean it about the selfie. Not everything on my bucket list has to be epic, but I do want to look back when I’m too old and frail to do a lot of awesome things anymore and know that I did them.. and there I am! :-)

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