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Mobile Photo Friday

:)  Another week has flown by.  Here are the moments that made me happy this week.


The weather at the park has been fantastic in the evenings.  The people are all out and enjoying the weather and making the local geese fat.

It’s interesting to see the mix of geese in this pond. Typical English geese have mixed with these Canadian geese to make a grey-white combo of geese. I bet they all speak atrocious french too.

Blackberry season is in and I have been stuffing my face with fresh blackberries pretty much everyday after boot camp.  Knowing there’s only one more mile of running until I get to run like a hippie through the brambles for berries is pretty killer motivation to finish strong.

The pre-sunset flares have been pretty intense. I spend the 2nd hour of my exercise regimen sprinting/walking around the park and I always have to stop near the lake.

Another one that was even more stunning:

The rains had the park creeks and waterways flowing heavily this week. This meant more bugs. :/

Like this guy…

A friend from work brought me back a souvenir from her two week trip to Hawaii. I put it up somewhere to remind me of what in life brings me inspiration and energy: travel!

I’m going to own a Lotus one day.  I don’t care if it’s the stupidest investment ever. I am buying it because it is sexy.

Life’s great when your bank is full, you’re making smart investments and you’re getting smart deals and getting promotions and doing business… but sometimes you just have to throw some money at something stupid that you’ll enjoy before you’re too old to appreciate it. Age changes our attitudes, and what makes us happy and how we prioritize. I got to get this in before I wind up 40 and too frugal and practical to hug one of these in my garage before I leave for work in the morning. ;) I know me.

Every time I see a Lotus drive by I remember to indulge in something silly that gives me a fleeting sense of  happy-thrill that day.

Good thing Ami has agreed to buy one with me. :) Hahaha.  BROWN WOMEN ON THE ROAD YUH

Running into the sunset can give me the same feeling sometimes. :) Also chasing bunnies in the forests around every park. I saw a huge Owl out here once.. it was amazing.

Hope your weekend is awesome.

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    We pimps.

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