Goodbye Holiday

I have these moments where at the beginning of something that I know will be an awesome experience, I remind myself that the experience is transient and that before I know it, I will be contemplating this moment from the end of the experience. This happens every time. It is a double-edged sword in that I really immerse myself in the moments as they arehappening but I have that melancholy feeling that no matter how awesome it is, it will be gone… as all things in life, for all humans ever, eventually fade into dust. I was just thinking about this last Friday, before my holiday party how today would be here before I could blink. Well here it is.. but it’s been such a wonderful week! It’s time to say goodbye to the holiday but not before a couple more events, namely a ballin’ new years eve party, have passed.


The end of December has been too cold (for my tastes anyway). My cats have become lethargic and refuse to do much more than lay here and there, conserving energy. Sometimes I’m jealous of them. I personally would love to spend hours conserving energy. :)



2012 ended well.  2013 is going to be amazing. I am so happy to continue my life as I enjoy it, after a 10 month gap of generally unpleasant social duties taking over my life. I can’t wait.

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