Autumn Chattahoochee

It’s already been a few days since I’ve been back from my honeymoon but already the atmosphere of normalcy is already separating me from the mental state of that trip. I’m settling back into work, some business is already calling, and my sudden influx of all this non wedding-consumed free time is liberating … even exhilarating! I have started to notice small things around me again which is actually pretty great.

Since Jeremy is now working just a couple miles down the road from where I work, he is dropping me off and picking me up from work everyday. It’s kind of awesome. We start and end our workdays together.
I’m also carrying my camera with me again, everyday. This morning as we crossed over the chattahoochee,  I whipped out the camera and grabbed this scene. The fall colors, barely muted, laced against against the river.  It felt good to feel the weight of the camera in my hand, and to not be gripping a steering wheel wishing I could take the photo. :)

I’ve felt somewhat distant from who I am the past year. The wedding went beautifully… but I’m ready to realign myself.

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