Who Owns My Heart

I was browsing some dubstep music and I heard this song and thought to myself  “hmm… that voice sounds awfully familiar”. So I looked it up and to my surprise it was MILEY CYRUS.

Yes, the same disney curated teen pop idol whose music had most recently annoyed me was singing something I could dig. It’s a European single, which explained why it hadn’t been drilled into my ears two hundred times on the radio by now.  Miley’s grown up quite a lot, as evidenced by the video for the song. She’s no longer playing at the ‘good girl’ image that gets girls like her into the scene to begin with.  Like most teen artists evolve, she’s done wowing the preteen crowd, and has moved on to target a demographic that can actually buy her albums without asking their mom. She’s also focusing on music that will actually be licensed to play in large venues and clubs.  I can’t say I dig her video too much, since it’s so cliche’. I didn’t see a single original element, from the bedroom-underwear walk to the bathroom to throw on something skimpy and then the dancing at the club. I guess she doesn’t have a very good creative team or she’s trying to fit into the genre as tightly as she can.  Still, the video is kind of boring. Also, they overemphasize her legs so she looks more like an awkward giraffe than a sexy youth hitting the club scene.

Actually, this video reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s breakout video where she does the same thing to try and shrug off her sweet tween coating.  Seems these Disney Divas all have to toss their decency to the wind to escape the grasp of  the corporation that made them who they are. From the fame it gives them to their families it shatters, this industry machine is a little repetitive. no? I believe Britney has the same story.  Disney,  Fame, Family shatter, then acting out like a crazy person.

Still, these women (and their songwriters) produce some music I like.  I like both of these songs. I guess the dance beat is something I just love. Or maybe I just love music that comes from women of a certain wavelength.

Also, Britney is coming out with a dubstep-esque album. I believe a single off of it was released Tuesday. It’s already #1 across the charts in 16 countries.  I’ll have to check it out.

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  • Reply Jonathan Toler January 15, 2011 at 1:05 am

    So I heard this dubstep version of Airplanes by B.O.B. that was pretty bad ass. Link Below from Youtube.

    • Reply Sunira January 15, 2011 at 12:12 pm

      Haha wow that one is definitely on the extreme end of dubstep! It is awesome! I definitely get into the part in the middle that sounds like an electric guitar going wild over the vocals!

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