Late Night Architecture

I like to think you can never really know a city until you’ve experienced its architecture and mood at night.  Savannah is a great example of this principle of experience. During the day, the city is bright with laid back people and good southern cooking. The wispy Spanish moss sways airily with a salty breeze. Taking a deep breath leaves you feeling good! The same city at night, with the same squares and the vintage architecture, takes on a haunting, secretive look. Street lamps cast eerie shadows through the now still and reaching Spanish moss. The dark history of the city is more evident as iron gates on every door become more apparent. It certainly helps to have a guide tell you all about the dark corners of Savannah’s mottled history through wars, prohibition, and gang activity. I can’t say a city  has any real history if you can’t be carefree during the day in the same place that scares you silly at night.



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