Italian Insect

These little hornworms that live on the roses turn the colors of whatever it is they’re eating.  This one made it through a few leaves before moving on to the rose petals.

This was taken using my point n’ shoot… before I managed to get a giant scratch on its tiny lens. I have no idea how it happened since it’ was one of those slim sony cameras that has a slide cover.  Well, sad face. However, I now have my eye on the Sony TX9. That’s about all I have on it though. Still need one more paid project and I can buy it!  My rule of having my photo equipment pay for itself before I buy it is kind of annoying but that’s what a girl’s got to do to be responsible.

A waterproof camera would be kind of awesome too.  I’m definitely a fan of Sony point n’ shoot cameras in terms of awesome features and image quality. I just wish they didn’t cost as much as a low end DSLR.

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