I love cuttlefish. They’re intelligent, curious and can change color at a moment’s notice. This is a beautiful, near perfect specimen from the Ripley’s Aquarium in Tennessee. They have this beautiful zebra pattern when they’re relaxed and comfortable but turn a dark dirt brown as soon as they become stressed. I caught this one at a good moment.


Aquarium photography has its own challenges. Thick glass walls diffuse light in unpredictable ways. The angle with which you point your camera can make or break the photos and just five degrees can ruin everything. I’ve destroyed an entire aquarium trip’s worth of photos by not understanding how light works in these conditions. This is my fifth or so visit to an aquarium where I’ve cared to take photos and the first time I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

In other news, my taste in music has moved from club and trance to trashy women music apparently since my playlists these days are filled with Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry.  Thank goodness you visit this blog for the photos. :]

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  • Reply meghan July 4, 2010 at 10:04 am

    WOW!!!! Sunira, that picture is pretty and clear! Can you share how you took it? What settings for your camera and what angle worked for you?

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