Hello Seattle

I got my hands on the Owl City album recently and just listened through it. If you know me at all I love things like dance floor beats and techno/electronic/trance stuff. I was intrigued by the appearance of Fireflies by Owl City on the airwaves. It had a very unique sound to it. It was bubbly without seeming too childish, airy without losing meaning. I really fell in love with the song.

Recently the popular music trend is slowly but surely leaning towards the house / club kind of genre. This has thrilled me greatly as I’ve been immersed in that music since my days in on a college campus during a high school program back in 2001. You can’t escape this music in a city known for it’s clubs and dance scene.

The only gripe I have with the album is that most of the songs sound too much like each other. The artist really could vary the sounds a little more across the tracks. The same dulcimer sound makes it very hard to consider more than one or two songs in the list worth listening to at any one time.

Anyway check it out if you’ve got a spare $8 or 9. My favorite tracks are the smash hit Fireflies and the not so famous Hello Seattle.

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