A Rainy Night in Osaka Japan

A Moment Back to Osaka

Last year, on this day, I was meandering the streets of a wet Osaka, Japan. We had just walked though a rainstorm from the train station and I spied Japanese fashion footwear from below my umbrella as we crossed street after street. Concrete behemoths displaying high end wares flanked our journey to Dotonbori. Once we arrived at the busy district, the crowds, lighting, and late city atmosphere stuck to my skin. The murmur of Japanese being spoken by thousands of voices at once mixed with the slushy sounds of the river ferries surrounding me.. it was an experience I can’t forget.

Jeremy and I are talking about how we can make it back to those streets in the future. Two weeks felt like it would be a long time, but honestly, in a place like Japan it feels like an offense to have such little time to absorb all the things the country offers to a traveller.  I think of it over and over. Time is passing and Japan is calling me, from inside my own head.

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