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Pikes Place, Pop Art & The Gum Wall

Last week I was in Seattle – a long awaited trip far away from home. I hadn’t been to the west coast of the US since late 2019, and then I visited only a sliver of California. We had 9 whole days here in Seattle – yes! The first thing we did the day after we arrived was Pike Place Market!

PIke Place Market was busy – since it was a Saturday morning – but I got a good look at all the fresh produce and some of the local fare.

The flower market stuck out to me as the bouquets were big and beautiful and…. $15-$30 dollars. Mindboggling! In Atlanta, someone will throw together something maybe 20% as impressive for 2-4x the price. I wanted to import the entire market home – especially those big beautiful peonies!

We hit up the Museum of Pop Culture after, and what a fun set of exhibits! Personally, I enjoyed the Hall of Science Fiction the most – it highlighted so many of my favorite writers, directors, and scifi masters. It had interesting and uniquely laid out fantasy, horror, and music centric exhibits – really something for everyone.

We had lunch at a pizza place under the space needle that housed Chihuly’s random collections. There were collections of all sorts of stuff on the walls, inside tables, and even framed and mounted in the bathroom areas. I photographed my favorites – vintage radios, toys, shaving brushes, porcelain dogs, and accordions!

Lastly, we hit up the Gum wall – which was…. pretty gross. But still colorful and held my interest. :)
Ben’s not looking to hot in that first photo but eh.

I had a cold for basically the entire trip – so I was pretty wiped out after this day! But we spent a lot of time just walking the streets of Seattle after since the weather was so beautiful! It was a great first day!

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