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Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2022

We went to Southern Fried Gaming expo again after missing it for two years due to the pandemic. It’s a really great convention that showcases an amazing variety of tech and games spanning generations and decades. I usually snag a couple of board games while I’m here as well as enjoy all the old machines we never get to interact with. Booth after booth of game designers, relic resellers, and game-adjacent art are hours of browsing joy.

There’s a lot of comics for sale from all genres.

Endless board games to play test and enjoy setup everywhere. I wound up playing Shovel Knight which had a really fun side scrolling mechanism – but I didn’t pick it up. It has really nice playing pieces and a price to reflect the nice quality. Good for Shovel Knight fans for sure. We did wind up spending $15 on Cobra Paw — a really fun snatching / dominoes game. I love speed and snatch/slap games so this one was a no brainer.

Jeremy and I painted figurines! These guys are TEEENY!!! I had so much fun painting my little cat wizard and Jeremy his necro-bobcat!

I almost got these sailor moon soda cans. I’m such a sailor moon nut. I saw a few interesting things I thought would look bomb on my office walls — but somehow managed to walk away! I have a few things I want to decorate with as my gaming office comes together – and this seller will likely wind up with their wares on my wall.

Playing here made me really want a pinball machine. They’re so beautiful and in a dark room they have a really cyberpunk feel that I gravitate towards.

The older tech was organized by year and they all ran OSes I had never touched. I was a fair amount older than many of the attendees so some of the stuff I had definitely played on during grade school. I had both nostalgic feelings and also holy shit I am old feelings.

All in all another successful year at SFGE! It’s broadened and gotten so big! I am so thrilled to see these kinds of things take root and grow. Til next year!

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