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Up the Mountain

We flew into San Jose on Wednesday – an easy flight at 5 hours. After flying direct to Tokyo from Atlanta, a 14.5 hour flight, this feels like chump change. Because we flew across the entire continental USA, I got to see some great landscapes from the air. Check out my shots!

We arrived early enough that we couldn’t just go straight to our stay so we drove down to Santa Clara and took in the beach for a couple hours.

After baking a bit in the California sun, we headed back to east San Jose. Our AirBnB is like everything I could hope for and TONS more. It’s up the mountain in San Jose and the view is just… just spectacular.

Also at our AirBnB is a little weiner dog named Willie and he is just completely at risk of us dognapping him back to the East Coast.

AND the AirBnB has a wonderful garden.

Everything I could ask for! Our friend Lara arrives today and we are headed to Big Sur! :)

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