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To Big Sur

Lara joined us – and I was super excited to see her! :D We drove down to Big Sur along highway 1. California has a beautiful coast. California also has a lot of coast.  It reminded me a little bit of when we drove along the coast in Ireland, except if we’d driven this long in Ireland we’d have gone from the bottom to the top.  The first stop we made was at a beach pull off near Carmel by the Sea. The sand was really a pale warm pink and the cloud cover gave me nice even lighting.

Aren’t those succulents so pretty! We drove further down Highway 1 and stopped off before Andrew Molina State Park. We got a short hike in along the coast where I got to see harbor seals for the first time in my life!  After walking and scrambling around a few rocks, we headed into the forest to look at redwoods. California, you’re so pretty!!

Also, last but not least, Jeremy pulled a super manly magazine cover pose at the shore. Is my man not the handsome-est? :)

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